Oliver Bulldog Rapper

Oliver's story is really beautiful and full-bodied to read and understand

Oliver is currently my best friend’s dog, thanks to which he has overcome difficult and dramatic times. I’ll tell you everything.
Years ago, my best friend (I’ll call him brother as he is for me), discovered he had a serious illness. Which led him to make difficult and drastic cures for the illness that struck him. The disease was a terminal illness where it accompanied him for 2 years forcing him to lead a life full of obstacles, complications but most of all very suffering.

Meanwhile, “my brother”, found a company that strengthened him and made him more and more hopeful for a cure.

His name is “Oliver” a French bulldog and has accompanied him throughout the duration of the “illness”, until today and I hope forever.
Struck by this situation, he has been marked by the things and cases that can affect you from one day to the next in life without warning you.

I decided to undertake this initiative without major prejudices or intentions but simply demonstrating (not only with material things) the attachment to him and simply to tell him that he is unique and special.
Thank you for existing “my brother”.



After this story to fully understand who Oliver was, I present my project ...

The project was born to support the creation of new NFTs, which will be implemented at least once a month, with many changes and rarities based on the Oliver card that you want to buy. They will be differentiated by rarity, editions and price inflation. 

(more on that later)

I thought that, the profits of this project were first destined to bodies and associations against the abandonment of dogs and associations for the fight against serious and terminal illnesses, in fact 30% will be donated to all this.

A further 30% will be donated to the one whom I consider a brother and I hope will be able to fix his life full of obstacles in the best possible way, and make him smile again when we meet, but, I do all this with the heart, for an infinite friendship full of values.

(in all this he does not know anything about the project yet, as I would like to surprise him and in this he will have to help me the whole “Oliver community”).


Finally, 40% will be used to keep the project open, bear the costs of introducing new exclusive NFTs and also bear the costs of maintaining and developing the project. Maintenance costs, management costs, personnel and innovation.

All this, as mentioned earlier, is sustainable thanks to the “deflationary” characteristic of sales and value.(a little bit how the potential of Bitcoin is based)

Exactly, the project starts from a collection of collectible cards with the aim of making them increasingly rare and expensive as, going forward over time, their value will always be greater than in the first 90 days of sale, and subsequently again after 180 days, to then be completely burned.

(let’s go more specifically) …


Deflationary selling system

Each NFT card put on sale 90 days later will double its value and halve the salable quantity in circulation, in fact the other half will be completely burned by the marketplace.

After another 90 days, the card will double its value again, and the quantity will be further halved, where finally when only one card remains on sale, it will remain with the maximum value which, after the 30 days of sale will be completely burned, this will increase by much the final value and will allow holders to obtain the best advantage / profit for both a further sale and collection.

In the event that there is a sold out of the sales of the card in question (during the first 90 days), the price of sale of the last available card will be directly multiplied by 10 (x10).

This project was born as an entertainment, collecting and above all sustainable project towards the aforementioned associations, but by respecting the road map it will be possible to arrive at the creation of a token and the creation of a downloadable and playable game directly in the metaverse.

More information will be provided later on the basis of the goals to be achieved and on the basis of partnerships obtained.

I hope that this project can at least reach the whole world, without hoping for big gains, but only to make the whole world understand that these initiatives are done with the heart as well as with money.


Darth Mayer (CEO and Founder “Oliver_BulldogRapper”)



10% Complete

Project launch

Whitelist available to the “FIRST” 1000 Discord community users with 10 Airdrops.

990 will have access reserved for pre-sales.

after 30/60 days the public sale will be active 

(More info on our Discord server)


20% Complete

at the end of the pre-sales phase, there will be a public sale with a sale price (x2 or x3 compared to the pre-sale), where then the price will subsequently increase every 30-60-90 days to the public, limiting the cards in circulation

(More info on our Discord server)


30% Complete

With the sale of the first collection at the end of the year

the fundraising of 30% for the associations described in the project will be confirmed.

With super air-drop Christmas period, implementing some limited Christmas

edition NFTs

(where the “holders” will have the right to


More info in our Discord server)


40% Complete

Presentation of the new collection

Reserved whitelist based on roles obtained within our Discord community

Tokenomics project with many news and income for future owners of

NFT Oliver Bulldog Rapper

(first edition).


(More info on our Discord server)


50% Complete

– presentation of tokens (coins) with related benefits for NFT holders

– Sale to the public of the second edition of Oliver Bulldog Rapper where an additional 4000 NFTs will be present

We recall the deflationary system of our project where the first harvest will be sold at a much higher price (x2 / x3 minimum guaranteed).


(More information on the Discord community, in the Road Map section).

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